30 May 2009

Project June

Even though nothing is official, I feel like it's time to start paring down on the amount of things that are lying around my house, busy being good-for-nothings. I mean, seriously. You live in a place for more than six months and what happens? Accumulation of stuff, that's what. And what better place to start than with the pantry?

So the pantry is going to go through the one-two: I pledge to you now to not buy anything that adds to what is already there (pasta, whole grains, etc.) until I've properly used up what I have (as in: I won't buy any more chickpeas, even if they are on sale and eyeing me flirtatiously in the store, if I have some in my pantry).

Hopefully I will be of sound enough mind to tell you about my misadventures. Here we go!

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