24 April 2009

Yes, please

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So project Lose Five Pounds has not made a lot of progress. (See previous post.) It also hasn't helped that I actually worked a full week (heavens!) and the kids totally wore me out. So I get home, and really, all I want is a nap. And a snack. Luckily, we've discovered tasty hummus and pita. It is seriously tasty. I don't even like hummus, and I think this is good. So there's been that.

Back to business: get home, snack. Then I have to let myself digest. By the time I've digested, it's time to make dinner. And we've been trying to be so good: no dessert, no ice cream, no cookies. (Confession: we have nice bars of chocolate from Easter that are screaming to be eaten. So sometimes I have a square or two after dinner. But only one! Or two! I promise.) This has been going on for a week.

Let me tell you something. My sweet tooth is sobbing as we speak. Sobbing! All I want is a chocolate chip cookie. Just one! But see, this is the big problem: you can't just make one cookie. But just one of these beautiful cookies...I think eating one would be lovely. Yes. Yes I do. Jeff, don't you think so, too? Let's make cookies?? Please???

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