18 March 2009

Things that are a problem

1. When the store you usually get your main ingredient for your weekly fix of goodness says that they won't have any more until next month because they are waiting for a shipment from INDIA

2. When you are sick and tired and hungry, and you and feel like you want to fall over but you're not sure because you are a) sick, and b) hungry, and you're not sure which is the main culprit

3. When it's the first really drop-dead gorgeous day in MONTHS (I mean, MONTHS, here, people) and you are sick (see problem 2) and can't deal with being outside because of noise and sappy teenagers making out every which way you turn

4. When an article comes out in the morning's paper basically telling you that there are no jobs in your intended career and you start to panic on the train first thing in the morning, this of course right after seeing someone throw up all over himself in his sleep (seriously, he didn't even notice) and then to find it sent to you in your email when you get home, too

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