23 February 2009

Paris, Paris

Let me start out by telling you that Lufthansa is truly the way to fly. It wasn't the roomiest of airplanes, but there were rivers of free booze and real meals and those little neck savers that turn around your head so that you can sleep without your head totally falling onto your chest and jerking you awake every three minutes. There was even a soft blanket. And a smushy pillow.

All in all, getting to Paris was a snap. The only better flight I've had was one where we were totally late in D.C. and it turned out that they bumped me to business class, without any requests on my part! Nothing beats transatlantic business class. NOTHING.

After we got in, got to our friends' apartment, and had a quick snack, Natalie, Jeff and I went for a quick walk around the neighborhood, stopping for lunch. Jeff, having not managed to sleep at all on our flights over, barely made it though lunch sitting up. But our reward was a hot café with a white chocolate-covered marshmallow shaped like a bear. How could anyone resist it?

The best part about day one, though, was dinner; our friends and ever-so-fantastic hosts Johnny and Natalie and we went to one of their favorite haunts for dinner, Epicure 108. It was the real deal--kir royal, wine, entrée+plat+désert, the works. The star of the show, though, was certainly dessert--Natalie had recommended their croquillantes, thumb-sized melted chocolate surrounded with thin layers of puff pastry and sautéed in butter. They were absolutely divine. But nothing beat Johnny's chocolat au Saint Valentin. It was just gorgeous. Johnny seemed to think it tasted as good as it looked, too.

After that, we called it an early night. And then proceeded to sleep for about ten hours.

Epicure 108
108 rue Cardinet
75017 Paris

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