12 February 2009

Annnnnd...we're off!

Dear Everyone,

Reading over the last post, it would seem as though I had fully meant to tell you about all sorts of good things. And I was, really, I had the best of intentions. But you and I all know where good intentions lead. So I won't even pretend this time, because instead of frantically cleaning out the fridge and removing the grime from my bathtub and packing like a fiend, I am sitting here avoiding all of it.

See, Jeff and I are going to Paris, tomorrow! We'll be gone for a week. A WHOLE WEEK. We haven't taken a vacation in a long time. You know, a vacation vacation. One where we don't go see our parents. The last one was when we went to Seattle in 2006. It was a good trip. We've been looking to repeat it for a while.

I promise to take pictures. I promise to have stories. And they will be good. And delicious.

À la prochaine!


rachel said...

Yay!!!! I'm so happy for you! Have a super fun time!!

CLO said...

Amusez-vous bien! C'est fantastique que vous y allez ensemble. :) J'attends avec impatience toutes tes histoires culinaires et autres.