14 December 2008

Best. Donut. Ever.*

*pssssst: it's the second one from the top right.

Today, feeling as though it was too nice of a day not to step foot out of our neighborhood, Jeff and I ambled down down down to the Lower East Side, bastion of deliciousness. First stop was Prosperity Dumpling, where I enjoyed a delicious snack of dumpling goodness. I hadn't been for a while, and man are those dumplings good. So hot and juicy and spicy... the perfect antidote to a windy, chilly day.

And then we decided to go to...drumroll please... The Doughnut Plant. The Doughnut Plant is this teeny little storefront that sells fresh doughnuts, coffee, hot chocolate, and hot chai all day long. Doughnuts are made on the premises, heating the bakery deliciously, and providing tantalizing aromas of sugar and cake. If you take a look at their website, you can see that they are highly stylized, but who cares? Their doughnuts are simply divine, supple, yeasty, and really, really tasty. The last time we went, we got a cup of honeyed, deeply spiced chai and a vanilla bean glazed doughnut, but today we got not only one of those, but also a crème brûlée doughnut.

Think about that carefully. A crème. brûlé. doughnut.

It was a doughnut that was crispy caramely on the outside, having been slightly torched in order to give that sheen of a true crème brûlée, with a filling of vanilla bean crème anglaise--creamy, vanilla, full flavored, but not overly sweet. It was a brilliant doughnut, perfectly giving the illusion of everyone's favorite dessert, but in doughy form. And that doughnut part? Just like the vanilla-bean glazed one: yeasty, chewy, and impossibly light.

And perfectly delicious.

The Doughnut Plant
379 Grand St.
New York, NY 10002


rachel said...

I love doughnuts. And those look heavenly.

CLO said...

Oh. my. gracious. Can these be shipped, or better yet, teleported, or run down here by elves?? Wowee! This is on my list for my next NYC trip, whenever that may be!

Mei said...

As soon as they do mail order, I'll elf some down your way!