02 November 2008


I have been craving sweets like a fiend. I mostly crave sweets after a meal, obviously (any meal besides breakfast), and proceed to mope about the house until either I forget (option one) or I take a piece of candy from the candy jar (option two--yes, I do have a candy jar, generously filled every holiday by various care packages from Mom) or I dream of baking and flip through my cookbooks and recipes on file over and over again (option three, most widely used). For the last three days, I've been wanting cupcakes. Or a slice of layer cake. It just doesn't seem like anything else will do: I just want to sink my teeth into a soft piece of sweetness, maybe flavored with vanilla, covered with ethereal butter-cream frosting. Nothing else would suffice. It's too bad that to get one, a batch is required. (Do you think it would be possible for me to measure out 1/8 of an egg?)

So far, I have been resisting like a fiend, trying my already fried patience. Normally I wouldn't do this, but friends, it's November. Say it with me. No-VEM-ber. Do you know what that means? November, in my life, begins the two-and-a-half month eating extravaganza that is Thanksgiving, birthday (27!), Christmas and the New Year. I'm feeling rather gavet just thinking about it. So what I need to do now is run a lot, and then dream about cupcakes.

Maybe this year I could convince Jeff's mom that our contribution to Thanksgiving could be something other than stuffing or pie? Something cake-like? I'll cross my fingers.

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rachel said...

ha ha - I used to make crepes for myself in the morning, and I would seriously divide an egg into fourths to make just one serving. I had to do the white and the yolk separately. But then I felt bad about wasting the rest of the egg so I would usually fry it. Mmmm...fried 3/4ths egg!

You should definitely make some cake-like thing for Thanksgiving. You know how I feel about your cake.