28 November 2008

November Eat-O-Rama

And so we are mid-way through the annual November Eat-O-Rama, brought to you in part by Jeff's family, myself, and a host of other factors. Jeff and I love the NEOR. It's most definitely something we look forward to for eleven months out of the year. It spans from the night before Thanksgiving to the Sunday when we leave; the only issue is that my (more-or-less) regulated eating schedule goes out of wack, and then I have to go back to trying to "be good" until the December EOR rolls around. (However, unlike the NEOR, the DEOR is spread out over the weeks preceding Christmas to the week following the New Year.)

It's great: when we arrive in Denver, we go straight to Jeff's favorite restaurant ever, The Sushi Den. Despite it's location in by a rather large mountain range and not by an ocean, the Sushi Den has fabulous sushi--it's one of the only places where the fish sparkles and actually tastes fresh without fail, every time. Jeff always goes for the obscenely elaborate sushi platter (as does his brother and father), but I like a mixture of tempura, sushi, and tofu. It's such a treat to eat such high-quality fish; it may be the only time all year that we eat sushi (mainly because we would rather eat high-quality sushi and in New York it can get very expensive very, very quickly).

For breakfast this time we went to a newer place on the Denver scene: Snooze. I won't reiterate my obsession with hash browns, but I will say that I was determined to get some while NOT in New York. As soon as I made this intention known to Jeff's dad, he was right on board with that plan, hoo boy. I have never met anyone as gung-ho as I about the wonders of hash browns. Thank goodness I did, though, because we found some fantastic ones. I got a whole bowlfull of them, smothered with cheese, mixed with bacon, and topped with a fried egg and avocado slices. It was heavenly. And I ate it all up. Every. Last. Bite. I outdid Jeff's brother even. Other than its hashbrowns, Snooze was great. Funky atmosphere, free coffee while you wait, fantastic food. If I lived in Denver, I would go there all the time. If you ever get the chance to go, you definitely should.

The Sushi Den
1487 Pearl St.
Denver, CO 80210

2262 Larimer St.
Denver, CO 80205

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