09 November 2008

French Toast, Severson style

As you can probably tell, I do most of the cooking around our house. That's fine with us, I like to cook. And then Jeff does the dishes. I hate doing the dishes. (I'm pretty crummy at it, too, but don't tell my mom.) It's nice, though, when Jeff does step up to the kitchen, especially when he makes breakfast.

Jeff makes pretty amazing French toast. And I'm not saying it because I am the victor in this reality, I'm saying it because before I met Jeff, and before he ever made it for me, I hated French toast. With a passion. Every slice I'd ever had was soggy, overly sweetened, and just plain gross. But Jeff's is not like that. Jeff's is made with sturdy bread, a judicious amount of egg and milk, almost rendering the bread into a custard, so the French toast is more bread puddingish than like scrambled eggs in bread.

So thanks to Jeff, and to his momma, for switching on the French toast light in my life. I don't even mind doing the dishes for it.

French Toast, courtesy of Lorie and Jeff

2 eggs
1/2 cup milk (I think the notation is that there is 1/4 cup milk per egg. I'll get back to you on that.)
pinch salt
a little vanilla, optional
6 thick slices of fairly rustic bread
vegetable oil and butter for the pan

Mix all ingredients together (except for oil and butter). Soak the bread pretty well on both sides, so that all the egg mixture is more or less gone.
Head the oil and butter in a non-stick pan over medium low heat, until the butter melts and the pan is nice and toasty. Nestle two slices of the bread into the pan and cook, without disturbing, until each side has a light brown hue, and the eggs seem done. Test with a fork: there should be no runny egg sticking to it. If you want cut into a corner to see that everything cooks through. Repeat.
Serve with pure maple syrup, coffee, and the Sunday Times.

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