22 November 2008


I get giddy at the thought of Flushing. Flushing is Chinese food at its finest--hot, authentic, and dirt cheap. I love it--just being out there is like stepping into a crack in the time/space continuum--Flushing, Queens, is an entirely different world than my neighborhood of New York.

The first time Jeff and I went to Flushing together, we had just been picked up by my Taiwanese aunt and uncle at the airport. The night before, they had requested, not very subtly, that we absolutely needed to be hungry for lunch. At 10:30. In the morning. The conversation kind of went like this:

My Aunt: "You have to be hungry when you get here. Tell Jeff!"
Me: "Sure. Don't worry. We'll be hungry."
My Aunt: "NO! You be hungry! You don't eat breakfast!"
Me: "OK! We'll be hungry! I promise!"
My Aunt: "NO BREAKFAST!!!"

I think she was expecting us to be hungry.

Which we were, having gotten up at 5:45 AM to catch a flight out of Madison to get to New York to check things out before taking the leap to actually move half-way across the country. When we got in, we were ravenous, and we were duly dragged around to three different restaurants in the space of an hour and a half. We barely made it through the third restaurant, pleading over-stuffing. That is, until my aunt started yelling, "YOU TOLD ME YOU WERE GOING TO BE HUNGRY!" She was kidding. Kind of.

The three (or more) restaurant pattern is now the one that Jeff and I follow when we go out, now that we live here. We make the rounds of the places that we like to go, which certainly include the places that we were taken to by my aunt and uncle, and we have been slowly expanding the radius that we are willing to trek away from the subway station. This, of course, was helped along by this article in the Times, which was published in anticipation of the Beijing Olympics.

So tonight we did the following, in the following order:

Corn shaped cream cakes and bubble tea from Quickly

Beef and hand-pulled noodle soup at the Golden Mall

Soup dumplings (and some utterly forgettable noodles) from the Nan Shiang Dumpling house

A trip to the Hong Kong Supermarket.

(If any one can tell me what this flavor is, please let me know.)

This was a trip utterly worthy of the 45 minute trek out, and the 45 minute trek back in. Of course, this is all framed by an unbeatable view of the Manhattan skyline from the train... come and visit, and we'll go. You have my word. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

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Jennette said...

I love dragging visitors to too many restaurants in a short period of time. Yum.

Fun blog (I followed a NaBloPoMo blogroll link).