18 August 2008

My mom told me once that I would turn into a dumpling because I ate so many of them.

There is nothing more delightful than a dumpling. No. There is not. I can prove it, too: there are jaozi, gyoza, mandoo, german potato ones, apple stuffed ones, pastry ones, and plain pasta ones for soups and stews. You can eat them fried, sautéed, boiled, steamed, and baked. They can be sweet and savory. And I love them all, except those yucky chinese steamed buns that have gross filling and taste like puffy undercooked cardboard with some bean stuff or pork stuff in them.

Really, I think I just like things that have been wrapped in pastry or pasta. Maybe I don't need to mention the "wrapped" part. Honestly, I just like pastry and pasta. According to Mom, when I was little all I wanted to eat for lunch was noodles and butter. I didn't get what I wanted, which, in the long run, is probably for the best. However, I have an ongoing weakness for all things glutenous and yummy, including those rice flour noodle pats often found in asian soups, but nothing will ever take the place of dumplings! I like the way that they are vaguely slimy but can still be crisp, and that the pasta/outside yields to a savory, salty, or sweet and melting filling. My latest favorite dumplings come from this place:

You can get five dumplings for ONE DOLLAR.

And then you can drown them in soy sauce and hot sauce and your mouth will thank you for the rest of the day and once you have finished your small container, you will look at it reproachfully and wish that you had coughed up the extra dollar to get five extra ones even though you are no longer hungry. But you have a fever! For more dumplings!


Rachel said...

Ooh - those look a lot like something we once got from Trader Joe's. I agree - dumplings are divine.

And you did not turn into a dumpling.

Mei said...

Oh yeah, those ones from Trader Joe's ARE good. Especially since they're not that difficult to make and turn out pretty much every time.