02 July 2008


Don't they look divine? These darlings would be the fruits (ha ha ha) of our second week of our CSA. When we went to pick them up, Jeff and I perused the vegetable options as well. I started to drool, and to dream of great plans for next summer. Seasonal vegetables, all summer long!

For the blueberries, Jeff and I have differing opinions; he plans to eat them with cornflakes, I want to make muffins. Hopefully there will be enough to do both. As for the cherries, well, I LOVE cherries. I will eat them any way, any how--fresh, dried, pie, juice, tart... However, there aren't enough to make pie, nor jam. Friends, what should I do with them? And do tell me before I gobble them up as they are...

1 comment:

Rachel said...

maybe you could make pie! :)