03 February 2008

Fondue YOU!

Why is melted cheese the epitome of deliciousness? I mean really, here--it's good on everything. Kids will eat greens with it (well, stereotypical kids, anyway). And who doesn't like a good grilled cheese sandwich? Espeically with tomato soup? I digress.

For Christmas, my parents got us a fondue set. A fondue set! It's the real deal, too, all shiny and lovely with long forks that spear in that fondue-y fashion. And at long last we made fondue. I was a little irked at first, since there are no instructions as to how to use the pot, it's just like, here's a fondue pot! Make yourself some fondue, folks! Easy as pie!

Well. It might be easy as pie once you have figured out what the heck you are doing, but getting to that point is terribly unclear. Especially once you realize that you need to get yourself a heat source for the pot itself and your guests are coming in, oh, ten minutes.

But it all worked out in the end (many thanks, Internet and The Joy of Cooking, and the hardware store across the street! We used Gruyère and Appenzeller cheeses, some wine we had sitting in the fridge, and a little lemon juice to make sure the acidity was enough. (Note: apparently, fondue needs to be nice and acidic for it to melt properly. This is particularly true of firmer cheeses, or so I have read. They won't just melt on their own--they may, in fact, curdle, and really, no one wants that.) To boot, we made boiled potatoes, and we had raw veggies and some bread.

The suggested amount for the amount of cheese we used was 4-6 people. We were three, and we ate it all.

And it was delicious.

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