24 January 2008

Who Moved my Cheese?

Today, while shopping at the ever chaotic Fairway, I was looking for my latest coup de coeur of the cheese department: Pont L'Éveque. I know, I know, it's nothing new, nothing to write home about. But you know what? I think that all the time spent eating it before the beginning of this month, I was eating it wrong--it needs to be at room temperature! It's so much softer and tangier and pungent and delicious then. When it's cold, it's almost stingy. Tangy, yes, but not NEARLY to the extent of the room-temperature variety.

Back to business. I went over to one of the massive cheese coolers, to the place where it normally can be found, but it was not there. Gone! I nosed around, hoping that it had been misplaced, picked up a couple different varieties in the event they would appeal to my cheese sensibilities, but there was nothing doing. No cheese! I even asked the cheese monger, who told me they were out--WHAT? They're not allowed to do that, right? Right?

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Pont l'eveque...I bet Mme Aubain ate it all the time.